50 Quadrillion coins burned from BabyDoge

50 Quadrillion coins burned from BabyDoge

As previously promised by the team of crypto’s new trending meme coin, Baby Doge Coin (BabyDoge) has finally removed a total of 50 Quadrillion tokens worth $88,500,000 ($88.50 million) from circulation.

According to WhaleStats data, Baby Doge Coin (BabyDoge) holders have surpassed Shiba Inu (SHIB) holders.

We have burned 50 QUADRILLION #BabyDoge ! 🔥😯🐶

Proof of burn: https://t.co/SnTarSUCs6

Giving away $500 in 24 hours to someone who likes and RTs this post ! pic.twitter.com/W9MLzPQGJR

— Baby Doge (@BabyDogeCoin) July 1, 2022

Burning continues at Baby Doge

This massive BabyDoge burn is planned as part of events planned to make meme coin’s first birthday even more special. The historic burning took place after a collective resolution approved a community proposal created on Snapshot on June 1, 2022 to burn 50 Quadrillion BabyDoge tokens on Ethereum.

The team launched a burn proposal for the community via SnapShot during the project’s first birthday event on June 2, 2022.

Shiba Inu’s competitor, Baby Doge Coin (BabyDoge), removed 50 quadrillion Baby Doge Coins from the project’s supply on the Ethereum blockchain to dead addresses in a single large transaction. You can view the transaction from Etherscan.

Baby Doge Coin stated that they celebrated this event that increased the recognition of the meme coin, by holding this burning event on the 1st anniversary of Elon Musk mentioning BabyDoge in a tweet. This burning process also has significance as the largest burning process for any coin/token in the crypto space.

Today we’re not only celebrating 50 Quadrillion burn but also the 1 year anniversary since @elonmusk tweeted #BabyDoge !

The biggest blessing to thousands of people worldwide we are forever grateful! pic.twitter.com/GWYdkau61N

— Baby Doge (@BabyDogeCoin) July 1, 2022

Since the start of 2022, BabyDoge, which has been following rival Shiba Inu, has been burning quadrillions of tokens every month, but the burning of 50 quadrillion at once seems to hold its place as a first and historic event for the meme coin community.

To date, BabyDoge has sent a total of 24 quadrillion dog-themed meme cryptocurrencies worth over $66.2 million to dead wallets within six months.

But despite these huge numbers, BABYDOGE is a digital currency with an enormous total supply. Launched last year, the cryptocurrency has a total supply of 420 quadrillion tokens and 159.2 quadrillion tokens in circulation.

BabyDoge Swap starting soon

Our swap is launching soon and we’re looking for BSC token teams to partner with !

We are the first swap to offer communities to have swap fees as low as 0% !

We offer the ability for projects to add staking & liquidity mining to their project on a self serve interface! pic.twitter.com/xqGMY4l5cD

— Baby Doge (@BabyDogeCoin) June 29, 2022

Following in the footsteps of Shiba Inu (SHIB), Baby Doge Coin has confirmed that they will be launching their own decentralized BabyDoge Swap soon. Meme coin’s team also stated that they are open for partnership and invited BSC tokens to join forces.

According to the team, BabyDoge Swap will be the first in the world of decentralization to offer the lowest fees ever offered to communities, at rates as low as 0 percent.

Additionally, BSC token projects will be able to add staking and liquidity mining to their projects in a self-service interface via the upcoming BabyDoge Swap.

As of late: BabyDoge Spikes 14% as 14 Trillion BabyDoge Burned Within 24+ Hours

In the past 24 hours, 10,418,636,106,169 (~$17,743) #BABYDOGE tokens have been burned. So far, 196,123,244,745,404,192 #BABYDOGE tokens (46.696%) have been burned from the initial supply of 420,000,000,000,000,000. #BabyDogeCoin #BabyDogeArmy @BabyDogeCoin

— Burn BabyDoge (@babydogeburn_) June 28, 2022

@babydogeburn_ Twitter account has detailed that in the past 24+ hours, an eye-popping measure of BabyDoge image coins has been moved to impasse wallets.

The exchanges referenced in the tweets conveyed 670,776,571,966; 620,522,589,142; 953,022,434,674 and 1,818,996,632,008 BabyDoge coins. Meanwhile, inside the 24 hours before that, a sum of 10,418,636,106,169 image coins was singed by the BabyDoge people group.

At this point, almost 47% of the stock available for use has been annihilated — that is 196,123,244,745,404,192 BabyDoge. The underlying inventory of the image token comprised 420 quadrillion.

While these enormous symbolic consumes have been happening, the coin’s cost exhibited a spike by 14.21%, and BabyDogeCoin is changing hands at $0.000000001817, per information given by CoinMarketCap.

Baby Doge Coin (BabyDoge) Owners Are Increasing Every Day

According to WhaleStats data, Baby Doge Coin (BabyDoge) holders have surpassed Shiba Inu (SHIB) holders.

The number of wallets holding BabyDoge has set a new record. Currently, these wallet numbers have reached 1,226,253. Just three days ago the BabyDoge hodler count was 1,205,517.

🏆 New Record: #BabyDoge reaches an astonishing 1,225,000+ holders.

Current Holder Count: 1,226,253

💹 The top 1000 BNB wallets are holding 1,011,635,236,121,550 #BabyDoge ($4,668,265 USD)

Source: https://t.co/Uc1nehV7Jr#BabyDoge #BabyDogeCoin #BabyDogeArmy

— WhaleStats — the top 1000 BSC richlist (@WhaleStatsBSC) January 14, 2022

According to WhaleStats data, SHIB holders remained at 1,140,151. Dogecoin holders are at the level of 460,007. The largest 1000 BSC wallets currently hold 326,785,975 DOGEs.

Tesla’s acceptance of Dogecoin payments also caused an increase in the value of Dogecoin.

Whale Statistics highlights that whales on Binance Smart Chain are also increasing their BabyDoge investment.



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