Kazakhstan ranks second in the world in the production of cryptocurrencies

As of October, Kazakhstan rose to the second place in the world with a share of 18.1% in Bitcoin mining.

According to local media reports that refer to the report published by Cambridge University experts, the Bitcoin production industry has been developing rapidly in the country recently.

As of October…

Bitcoin aims to exceed 64 thousand dollars levels

Bitcoin seems to continue to rise after seeing the level of 64 thousand dollars. One of the most talked about Bitcoin is that it will be 100 thousand dollars from the end of the year predictions.

Bitcoin has approached an all-time high, with ProShares’ Bitcoin futures-linked exchange-traded fund (ETF) trading…

What is the future of Shiba Inu?

Is Shiba Coin (SHIBA INU) rising? What is the future of Shiba Coin? How much is Shiba Coin? Shiba Coin chart!

Shiba Coin was portrayed as the Dogecoin killer. With its rise in recent days, it has brought movement to the crypto money market. …

Which cryptocurrency will Mesut Özil issue? What is the name of Mesut Ozil coin?

Fenerbahce’s world-famous star Mesut Özil made a crypto move. It has been learned that popular football player Mesut Özil will issue crypto money on his behalf.

The British claimed that Fenerbahce’s world-famous star Mesut Özil will issue his own crypto money. …

Elon Musk shared, SHIB broke a record

After Elon Musk’s sharing, the alt coin named ‘SHIB’ gained close to 400 percent.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s shares about cryptocurrencies continue to affect the market. …

The company, in which Leonardo DiCaprio is an investor, has reached a value of 1.5 billion

The Swiss company MindMaze, of which the world-famous US actor Leonardo DiCaprio is an investor, announced that it has reached a market value of $ 1.5 billion after its last investment round. The company, of which Leonardo DiCaprio is an investor, has reached a value of 1.5 billion.

Swiss company…

Will Bitcoin reach the value of 60 thousand dollars?

The question of whether Bitcoin will reach the value of 60 thousand dollars began to be asked. Bitcoin managed to see the level of 55 thousand dollars after the first 50 thousand dollars with its rise.

The activity in the cryptocurrency market continues. While Bitcoin has erased the loss it…

What is Coinbase? How to get a Coinbase IPO? Will Coinbase be listed with the coin?

Coinbase Global, Inc., known as Coinbase, is an American company that operates the first cryptocurrency exchange platform that operates remotely without an official physical center.

How to get a Coinbase IPO?

Instagram announces the ability to turn off the camera in live streams

Instagram is introducing a new feature where people can turn off images in live streams whenever they want, so that they can only communicate and broadcast audio. Thus, users can continue live broadcasts with sound.

Instagram introduces a new feature that allows live streaming users to turn off their images…

UEFA; Facebook will boycott Twitter and Instagram

UEFA will close its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for three days to protest the increasing cyber abuse and discriminatory rhetoric on social media.

Recently, racist attacks against football players have increased considerably. Racism, which is one of the most complained issues by black football players, especially in the English…

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