Anya Taylor-Joy Ties the Knot with Malcolm McRae

Peter Oflina
2 min readOct 3, 2023

Renowned actress Anya Taylor-Joy, known for her roles in recent productions such as “The Queen’s Gambit,” “Last Night in Soho,” and “Split,” has officially married musician Malcolm McRae in a picturesque ceremony in Venice.

A Grand Venetian Wedding: The couple celebrated their union with a grand ceremony at the historic Palazzo Pisani Moretta, a 15th-century palace. Among the 150 guests in attendance were notable figures like Miles Teller, Julia Garner, Cara Delevingne, Nicolas Hoult, and Evan Ross.

Unique Wedding Attire: Anya Taylor-Joy made a fashion statement by opting for a special Dior gown adorned with floral and bird motifs instead of a traditional bridal dress, garnering attention for her unique choice.

A Love Song for Anya: Malcolm McRae, who first met Taylor Joy at the Queen’s Gambit gala in March 2021, had composed a song titled “I Really Wanna See You Again” for the actress. He shared the song on his social media account, revealing that he wrote it just two days after meeting Anya.

A Private Relationship: The couple had kept their relationship low-key and out of the public eye, but they made their first public appearance together a year after their initial meeting, posing for photographs at an Oscar pre-party.

Anya’s Fond Words for Malcolm: In a recent interview with a magazine, Anya Taylor-Joy affectionately referred to Malcolm McRae as her “partner” and described their unique bond, saying, “The other day I told my partner that he’s my hobby. I’ve finally found someone who will happily sit in silence with me while reading a book. Essentially, we’re 80 years old and 7 years old at the same time. And it really works.”

Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm McRae’s wedding in Venice marks a new chapter in their love story, and their unique choices, both in fashion and in life, continue to capture the attention and admiration of fans and onlookers alike.



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