Are you charging your iPhone correctly? What does Apple recommend?

Are you charging your iPhone correctly? What does Apple recommend?

It would seem, what could be easier than charging your iPhone? Most owners have been using their phones for years and have never thought of charging them properly. Is it possible to use third-party chargers, how to save battery capacity, is it possible to charge at night and why is it dangerous to leave an iPhone in the sun? Let’s understand.

Yes, you can if you charge it with devices known to be good. As for the question, will the battery be damaged? No, the truth is, the iPhone has a built-in “Optimized Battery Charging” feature that, according to the manufacturer, should extend the life of your phone. Its principle of operation is based on the fact that a fully charged battery degrades faster, so Apple engineers have figured out how to reduce the time the iPhone is charged to 100%. To do this, iPhone keeps statistics on how you use your phone and analyzes how much and when you charge your phone. For example, knowing that you will wake up soon will fully charge the iPhone before waking up.

Meanwhile, make sure this feature is enabled by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Optimized Battery Charging.

Battery life is related only to the “chemical age” of the battery, not the time since it was installed. A battery’s chemistry is determined by many factors, including its age, temperature history and charge patterns. All rechargeable batteries are consumables that degrade in performance as they age chemically. As lithium-ion batteries age chemically, the amount of charge they can store decreases, resulting in reduced lifespan and peak performance. Learn more about iPhone battery and performance and how to improve battery life and uptime.

The Optimized Charging feature in iOS 13 and later is designed to reduce battery wear and tear and extend battery life by reducing the time it takes to fully charge iPhone. In certain cases, iPhone will delay charging by more than 80% when the feature is enabled. iPhone uses machine learning to analyze your daily charging schedule. This allows you to activate the Optimized Charging feature only when the iPhone determines that it will stay connected to the charger for an extended period of time. iPhone algorithms ensure that the device is fully charged before leaving the charger.

Apple guarantees that the risk of fire for iPhone is minimal if safety instructions are followed . Few people followed, let alone read, instructions. Consider situations that could cause a fire.

Cables and chargers are now sold in every store, and every seller guarantees that it is original, rarely anyone honestly, this is High Copy and this is original. Chinese manufacturers produce very high quality copies. It is therefore not surprising that sellers cannot distinguish the original from the copy, except when the price or who the manufacturer is clearly visible. Purchase original adapters and cables from authorized retailers or trusted stores to avoid fraud. “Charging with poor quality adapters can cause death or injury,” says Apple.

Most of us like to watch movies, TV series and listen to music while we sleep. At the same time, the iPhone is connected to the charger for morning charging. And what often happens is to fall asleep with him in an embrace. Apple warns categorically: “Do not sleep on the device, power adapter, or wireless charger or place it on a blanket, pillow, or body while connected to a power source.”

And about the sore points, Apple accessories are quite expensive, so if the cable is damaged, most people rewind the cable with tape, less often with electrical tape, tie it in knots (if contact is broken), but do not buy it. new one. Due to bad contact or a damaged cable, the iPhone charges slowly and the iPhone starts to look for the culprit. Therefore, do not use damaged, broken, frayed cables or adapters. Do not try to repair it, just replace it with a new one.

While iPhones are water resistant, that doesn’t mean they can be charged in the shower, pool, or similar. Charging in a humid environment may cause fire, electric shock, injury, or damage to iPhone. There have been many cases where a nearby glass accidentally crashed into a charging phone or was dipped in a bowl of soup. A girl in China who took a bath with the charger plugged in almost died.

And finally, those who like to use the iPhone as a navigation device. Set up your phone so that it does not overheat. The fact is that when the battery is 100% charged and heated to a high temperature of more than 50 ° C, its voltage increases and can deteriorate or swell. This also applies to those who like to leave the phone on the beach in the sun.

PS Don’t forget to check that your iPhone starts charging. How many times have you seen the sad message “10% left” when you wake up in the morning. All of this is caused by not inserting the plug completely or forgetting to plug the adapter into the socket.



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