Eat Like a Model with Kourtney Kellar Hartenstein

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Eat Like a Model with Kourtney Kellar Hartenstein

Meet Kourtney Kellar Hartenstein, a prominent model and social media personality hailing from Texas, USA. With a height of 5'6" and captivating blonde hair, Kourtney’s allure extends beyond her looks. Graduating from Henderson State University, she earned the title of Miss Texas International in 2017, showcasing her diverse talents.

Kourtney’s journey took a romantic turn when she met NBA player Isaiah Hartenstein in 2019, igniting a connection that led to their engagement. Their “blissful” wedding on a yacht in Newport Beach, California, in July 2023 reflected their desire for an intimate celebration among family and close friends.

As a dedicated vlogger, Kourtney’s fitness regime incorporates abdominal exercises and a diet rich in green and healthy foods. Her Instagram-worthy physique resonates with admirers, while her vibrant smile and engaging presence charm audiences. With a net worth of $1-$5 million, Kourtney Kellar Hartenstein continues to shine as a multifaceted personality, leaving her mark both on and off the spotlight.

Kourtney Kellar Hartenstein’s Nutrient-Rich Diet Plan


- Scrambled tofu with spinach and bell peppers

- Whole-grain toast with avocado

- Green smoothie (kale, cucumber, apple, lemon, ginger)


- Sliced cucumbers and carrot sticks with hummus


- Quinoa salad with mixed vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, red onion)

- Grilled zucchini and eggplant


- Celery sticks with almond butter


- Baked sweet potato with roasted Brussels sprouts and asparagus

- Mixed greens salad (lettuce, arugula, spinach) with balsamic vinaigrette

Evening Snack:

- Steamed broccoli and cauliflower florets


- Stay hydrated with herbal teas, infused water, and unsweetened beverages throughout the day.

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Kourtney Kellar Hartenstein (@kourtney_kellar)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Kourtney’s journey WORKOUT

DayWorkoutMonday30-minute brisk walk or jogSquats — 3 sets of 15 repsLunges — 3 sets of 12 reps (each leg)Plank — Hold for 30 secondsTuesday20-minute cardio workout (jumping jacks, etc.)Push-ups — 3 sets of 10 repsDumbbell Rows — 3 sets of 12 reps (each arm)Bicycle Crunches — 3 sets of 20 repsWednesdayRest day or gentle stretchingThursday25-minute dance or aerobics sessionChair Dips — 3 sets of 12 repsLeg Raises — 3 sets of 15 repsSide Planks — Hold for 20 seconds (each side)Friday15-minute HIIT workout (high knees, burpees, etc.)Bicep Curls — 3 sets of 12 repsTricep Dips — 3 sets of 10 repsRussian Twists — 3 sets of 20 repsSaturdayYoga or Pilates sessionSundayRest day or light activity (walk, bike ride, etc.)

Remember to start each workout with a warm-up and end with a cool-down and stretches. This workout program focuses on a variety of exercises to target different muscle groups and keep your body active and energized.

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Kourtney Kellar Hartenstein (@kourtney_kellar)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

🔥 Unveiling the Sizzling Aura of Kourtney Kellar Hartenstein 🔥

👙 Embodied Confidence: From the runways of New York to the shores of Miami, Kourtney Kellar Hartenstein sets the stage ablaze as a captivating model. Her enigmatic allure and radiant smile cast a spell that leaves admirers entranced. 💃

🌴 Bikini Babe: A true beach goddess, Kourtney’s sun-kissed glow and beachy waves epitomize the essence of a modern-day mermaid. Her love for the ocean reflects in every sultry pose she strikes, capturing the essence of a sun-soaked paradise. 🏖️

📸 Captured Beauty: Whether adorned in luxurious couture or embracing the simplicity of bare elegance, Kourtney’s portfolio showcases an artistry that effortlessly transcends the lens. Her every gaze, every curve, paints a picture that celebrates the harmony of form and fashion. 📷

🌟 Fearless Expression: Kourtney’s journey celebrates self-expression, embracing her innate sensuality and celebrating the magnificence of her body. Her confidence radiates like a beacon, igniting empowerment and reminding the world of the beauty of authenticity. 💪

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Kourtney Kellar Hartenstein (@kourtney_kellar)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

🔥 Igniting Passion: Behind the Scenes 🔥

While the world witnesses the mesmerizing visuals, Kourtney’s dedication extends beyond the camera. Her commitment to a vibrant lifestyle encompasses invigorating workouts and nourishing nutrition, igniting a fire that fuels her energy and vitality. 💥

🏋️‍♀️ Empowered Workouts: Embracing a mix of cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises, Kourtney’s workouts sculpt her physique into a work of art. Each rep, each sweat drop, is a testament to her dedication and drive.

🥗 Vibrant Nutrition: Kourtney’s plate is a canvas for health and flavor, adorned with a rainbow of nutrient-rich foods. Wholesome vegetables, lean proteins, and vibrant fruits compose her daily feast, enhancing her radiance from within. 🥑

Confidence in Every Step: Kourtney Kellar Hartenstein embodies the essence of modern allure, a tapestry woven with elegance, passion, and strength. Her journey unfolds as an inspiration, reminding us all to embrace our uniqueness and set our spirits ablaze. 🔥🌟

🔍 Insights into Kourtney Kellar Hartenstein’s Personal Life and Love Story 💖

Meeting of Hearts 💑: Amidst the glitz and glamour, Kourtney found her forever love in Isaiah Hartenstein. Their enchanting love story began when Isaiah slid into her DMs with a simple compliment on her captivating smile. A virtual connection blossomed into a beautiful reality, proving that sparks can ignite from a single message.

A Dreamy Yacht Wedding 🛥️: Their love story culminated in a picturesque wedding aboard the Endless Dreams Yacht, surrounded by the pristine waters of Newport Beach, California. The intimate and minimalistic affair was a testament to their deep bond and the cherished moments they share.

Basking in the California Sunset 🌅: The blissful union allowed the couple to soak in the breathtaking beauty of a California sunset on the ocean. The serene backdrop set the stage for their heartfelt vows and sealed their commitment in the golden hues of twilight.

Family and Friends: Precious Guests 🥂: Surrounded by loved ones, including former teammate Jordan Johnson, Kourtney and Isaiah celebrated their love with about 60 cherished guests. Their wedding was a poignant reminder of the importance of family and close friends in their journey of love.

A Fairytale Beginning and Beyond ✨: Isaiah and Kourtney’s love story, which began with a virtual smile, has transformed into a real-life fairytale. Their unwavering connection and shared dreams form the foundation of their remarkable journey together.

As Kourtney Kellar Hartenstein continues to grace runways and captivate hearts, her personal life remains a heartwarming reminder that love, connection, and moments of joy are the true gems that illuminate her remarkable path. 💫🌟



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