Gigi Hadid Celebrates ‘Caring, Funny, Creative’ Older Sister Marielle Hadid’s Birthday

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3 min readOct 3, 2023
Gigi Hadid Celebrates 'Caring, Funny, Creative' Older Sister Marielle Hadid's Birthday

Gigi Hadid celebrated her older sister Marielle Hadid’s 43rd birthday with heartfelt Instagram posts, sharing throwback photos of their close bond. The Hadid sisters, despite their age gap, maintain a strong and loving relationship, often attending events and celebrations together. Marielle, like her famous siblings, has also been involved in the fashion industry, co-founding the sunglasses brand Hadid Eyewear with her sister Alana.

Sister Marielle Hadid’s Birthday

Gigi Hadid, the renowned supermodel known for gracing the covers of high-fashion magazines and strutting down prestigious runways, recently took to social media to celebrate her older sister Marielle Hadid’s 43rd birthday. Gigi, at 28 years old, expressed her affection for Marielle with a series of nostalgic photos and heartfelt messages, showcasing their strong sisterly bond.

In one of the black-and-white snapshots shared on her Instagram Story, a young Gigi can be seen posing beside a teenage Marielle, capturing a moment from their earlier years. With the photo, Gigi wished her big sister a joyous birthday, affectionately referring to her as “LEAD HADID,” likely a cherished nickname between the siblings.

Another image presented the two sisters walking side by side, radiating happiness, with Marielle caught in a fit of laughter, reflecting the close relationship they share. In a final photo, Gigi, as a young girl, donned a tiara while flashing a wide, innocent smile alongside Marielle, who sported a pink halter top. Over this image, Gigi affectionately described Marielle as a “caring, funny, creative, amazing sister/mama/friend,” emphasizing the various roles Marielle has played in her life.

Marielle Hadid is the daughter of Mohamed Hadid and his first wife, Mary Butler, and she shares this heritage with her sister Alana Hadid. Despite the split between her parents in 1992, Marielle remained close with her younger half-sisters, Gigi and Bella Hadid, both of whom later achieved international fame as supermodels. Mohamed Hadid’s subsequent marriage to Yolanda Hadid in 1994 brought three more children into the family: Gigi, Bella, and Anwar Hadid, making them a well-known and successful brood in the fashion industry. Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid parted ways in 2000, but their family remained in the spotlight.

Despite the age gap between the siblings, the Hadid sisters have maintained a strong and loving bond throughout the years. In July, Marielle shared a picture of herself and Gigi having a great time at a Taylor Swift concert, underscoring their close relationship and shared experiences. Like her famous siblings, Marielle has also been involved in the fashion industry, co-founding the sunglasses brand Hadid Eyewear alongside her sister Alana.

Gigi’s heartfelt birthday celebration posts for Marielle highlight the deep connection the Hadid sisters share and showcase the love and support they provide one another, both personally and professionally. Gigi’s public acknowledgment of her sister’s birthday and their enduring sisterhood provide a heartwarming glimpse into the lives of these well-known siblings, reminding us that even in the glamorous world of fashion, family bonds remain unbreakable.



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