Is it possible to buy land from the Metaverse? Investments will be valued in 2040

Is it possible to buy land from the Metaverse? Investments will be valued in 2040

Is it too early to invest in Metaverse? Discussing the future of Metaverse platforms, new research divided experts. It is claimed that Metaverse lands will reach record prices in 2040 and bring millions of dollars to their investors.

After Facebook changed its name to Meta and announced that it would invest billions of dollars in the metaverse, the future of social media was also the subject of discussion. The new research, which deals with the predictions of augmented reality (XR) encompassing virtual reality (AR, MR and VR), revealed what will happen by 2040.

Although augmented reality (XR) has been in the tech world for years as gaming or social media, it’s gaining more prominence by leading the metaverse. But activists, academics, and business leaders were divided over their metaverse goals.

Recent research by Elon University and Pew Research has shown that by 2040, there will be more than half a billion people on metaverse platforms. This claim, put forward by 54 percent of the researchers, draws attention to getting rich by investing in the metaverse.

According to 54 percent of those surveyed, more than 500 million users will take their place in the metaverse as part of their daily lives. However, 46 percent of experts completely oppose this idea. In other words, they do not believe that the metaverse will become a part of daily life in the near future.

However, the ethical issues of the metaverse were at the forefront of the issues that experts participated in. They said it is very difficult to control users in a purely virtual world. In Horizon Worlds, Meta’s VR game, we saw a lot of these ethical issues.

The respondents also think that corporate and authoritarian interests can get in the way of people. He believes companies can ignore the bad sides of the metaverse to keep users on the platform more. These authoritarian interests, they said, would foster surveillance capitalism.

The research, in which expert names were divided into two, highlighted the investments to be made in VR / AR headsets for the metaverse to grow further until 2040. More industry leaders need to enter the market, especially Meta’s Oculus Quests. We’ve heard a lot lately that Apple could release a VR headset.

Mark Zuckerberg is undoubtedly one of the biggest believers in the Metaverse. After Facebook’s reform last year, the company focused on Metaverse. While we’re seeing small features like avatars coming to Instagram right now, Zuckerberg and his company seem committed to their mission. So much so that even a date was given for when Metaverse technology will reach its target of 1 billion users.

Everyone interested in technology, from multi-millionaires to social media users, is curious about the developments in Metaverse. The first source on this subject is usually Meta. While you are used to hearing pessimistic explanations about this technology, you may also want to listen to Zuckerberg.

In an interview with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to CNBC, the subject came back to Metaverse and targets. Mentioning that the purchase of digital content is a great source of income for the company, Zuckerberg emphasized that this is a great trump card for the development of Meta’s reality lab. The AR and VR lab, which has already spent billions of dollars, will become even stronger with purchases.

Meta has previously said that no special hardware is required to connect with the Metaverse. Zuckerberg, who dwells on this subject again; He reiterated that modern smartphones, tablets and computers are sufficient to access the Metaverse. This is the reason behind the company saying that we will see 1 billion Metaverse users by 2030.

Meta currently does not charge any fees or commissions from creators. Its purpose is to encourage content creators to support the virtual universe. Although billions of dollars are invested in reality labs, this is not paid for by content creators for now.

Eric Schmidt, who has 10 years of CEO experience at Google until 2011, stated that although Meta company concentrates on the metaverse sector, people still do not have a clear definition of this concept and that she is skeptical of the adoption of this technology.

Speaking at an event in Colorado, the CEO stated that he does not think Meta, formerly known as Facebook, will be the company that will shape the metaverse and said:

“There is no agreement on what the metaverse is, even though a company has changed its name in anticipation of identifying it.”

Companies and countries are already investing heavily in the metaverse, a technology associated with VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies and the applications that use them. Seeing Metaverse as a key technology for the future, South Korea announced in May that it would allocate $177 million directly to metaverse platforms with the idea of ​​starting national companies interested in the technology.

Oculus Quest 2 might be Meta’s VR perfect example, however an inside notice uncovers that the Project Cambria metaverse title is one of the organization’s primary needs.

The Oculus Quest 2 may be Meta’s best VR headset, yet the web-based entertainment monster is accounted for “laser focussed” on Project Cambria — a blended reality stage that is set to show up this year. While the Quest 2 has shown what itself can do as a gaming gadget, the organization desires to appropriately secure itself inside the metaverse utilizing the new sets of independent goggles, which could thusly assist it with confronting furious monetary headwinds.

As per an inner “speculation needs” notice got by Reuters, Project Cambria will assist with driving the company’s key metaverse needs, to be specific Avatars and Horizon Worlds. Meta’s Chief item official Chris Cox likewise says the send off of Cambria will help initiate a “prosumer/modern grade blended reality product offering,” something that proposes more gadgets are on the cards.

The update might cover VR aspirations, yet the Oculus Quest 2 is excluded from the need list. While you can make an Avatar and download Horizon Worlds on Quest 2 free of charge, it seems to be Project Cambria will be pushed as the organization’s sparkling metaverse star not long from now.

Cox says that CEO Mark Zuckerberg will expand on Meta’s needs in a forthcoming Q&A, so more metaverse headset data is possibly not too far off. The reminder could hold back on referencing anything Oculus Quest related, however there’s as yet an opportunity we’ll hear more about the Oculus Quest 3, regardless of whether it’s anything but a piece of the combination’s “prosumer” setup.

OVR is among the most popular platforms for selling The Sandbox and Decentraland metaverse plots. Here are some other marketplaces where you can buy land in the Metaverse universe:

- Axie Infinity

- blocktopia

- Genesis City

- nextearth. io

- Dvision Network

- myneighboralice

- Lunacia

- MatrixWorld Land Sale

After you have decided on the platform on which you will buy the Metaverse land, you can own a land in this virtual universe by following the steps below.

- You must have a digital wallet to be able to shop on the platform where you will purchase the Metaverse plot. You can use any cryptocurrency exchange for this.

- Buy valid coins on your chosen platform to get metaverse land. For example; If you are going to buy metaverse land from Sandbox, you must load SAND into your wallet. You can get these coins from scratch from any cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance, or if you have ETH or DAI, it is also possible to exchange them for SAND.

- Transfer these coins you bought to your account on the platform where you will get the metaverse plot.

- Choose an island and parcel from the relevant platform according to your budget and ROI.

- You can buy the land you have chosen with the coins you have.

Verasity (VRA)

Verasity is Blockchain company that wants to create a new experience in AdTech, Esports and digital rights management. VRA is the project’s native cryptocurrency and a metaverse coin.

Verasity has a Proof of View Protocol that can detect fraudulent online traffic and remove it from analytics platforms. The Proof-of-View protocol (PoV) also focuses on identifying scammers and collections of copycats that want to leverage the primary project and its community. By the way, it also includes NFT authentication features. The Proof-of-View technology received full marks in a patent review by the Chinese Patent Office in January 2022.

Verasity supports PUBG Mobile, Valorant, CS:GO, etc. for the product layer. It includes VeraEsports, an Esports platform that partners with some of the most prominent players in the game, such as Verasity also owns the online crypto wallet VeraWallet. VeraWallet is a secure, all-in-one cryptocurrency wallet for people who love esports and NFTs.

VRA is one of the metaverse coin projects with some of the highest staking returns, up to 18.25% by April 2023. Users can stake their VRA tokens on Verasity’s VeraWallet.

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Launched in September 2021, Star Atlas (ATLAS) is one of the most anticipated metaverse coin games on the market. It has some of the most acclaimed designs of all the metaverse coins. It also provides an NFT marketplace where users can purchase in-game assets for use in the game.

Star Atlas is currently under development. But the website, a few trailers, and the NFT marketplace are live. Star Atlas is based on Solana. Therefore, a Solana powered Web3 wallet like Phantom is ideal for interacting with dApps.

A unique feature about Star Atlas is its partnership with popular metaverse coin projects The Sandbox. The partnership revolutionizes interoperability between Ethereum and Solana in a first-of-its-kind collaboration.

Star Atlas contains two Solana-based tokens: ATLAS and POLIS. ATLAS allows users to purchase NFTs on the market and interact with the metaverse. POLIS, on the other hand, is the management token that provides voting power to holders who wish to participate in the Star Atlas DAO.

Metahero (HERO)

Released in July 2021, Metahero (HERO) builds an ultra-realistic metaverse that allows users to scan themselves and other real-world objects into Metahero’s digital space with extreme precision.

Metahero has partnered with Wolf Digital World, a leader in 3D photogrammetric scanning technology already used by AAA game developers like CD Project, the team behind Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher Series, to create realistic animations and 3D models.

Metahero includes the Metaverse, Everdome, which has completed a pre-sale of more than $9 million in its initial funding round. Metahero’s primary token is HERO. Metahero is currently undervalued as the bear market pushed its valuation to $50 million.

Metahero recently announced that it has appointed Mariusz Król, founder of WOLF Group, as CEO of Metahero. According to the announcement:


Announcing that it has recently acquired NFT marketplace KnownOrigin, eBay has come to the fore this time with its NFT and metaverse-focused trademark application. eBay has announced that it has applied for an online store with real and virtual products.

With the rapid development of NFT and metaverse concepts, investments in this field began to increase. With this increase, many famous brands started to apply for NFT and metaverse-oriented trademarks. Finally, a move came from eBay, one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms. eBay has filed 3 NFT and metaverse-focused trademark applications.

To elaborate, eBay is already trying to keep up with the world of the metaverse with the new steps it has taken in recent days. The company has applied to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to open an online e-commerce store that includes the world of NFT and the metaverse.

eBay Inc. is coming to the Metaverse!

On June 23, the company filed trademarks indicating plans for:
▶️ NFTs, NFT exchanges, NFT trading
▶️ NFT + Virtual good marketplaces
▶️ Online retail stores with actual and virtual goods#NFT #Metaverse #Web3 #Ebay #NFTCommunity

— Mike Kondoudis (@KondoudisLaw) June 28, 2022

eBay’s metaverse initiative aims to offer products such as an interactive website that allows users to interact with digital assets.



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