What is Kaltura?

Known as Kaltura Online Video Platform. Many companies in America and in various countries of the world are using Kaltura.

Kaltura is an open source online video platform that includes many features such as Web Broadcasting, Corporate YouTube, Live Broadcasting and Video on Demand (VOD).

With Kaltura you can provide video solutions for media organizations, service providers, businesses and educational institutions.

There are many institutions and companies that use it in Turkey, Brazil, Canada, USA, France and many countries.

Although it is open source, it offers some of its plugins to its customers only as SaaS (software as a service). To use these addons you will need to create an account at corp.kaltura.com and pay there according to the service you use.

While some addons are paid, kaltura is a great online video platform.

What are the Features of Kaltura?

It is a platform where you can manage and distribute your videos from a single center.

You can stream your uploaded videos seamlessly on mobile devices and all screens.

You can create your own Html5 Player with Universal Studio included. You can create multiple Html5 Players and use this Html5 Player in any video. Player language option, subtitle, custom design, logo, watermark etc. It is a tool with which you can edit many properties.

Although it has lost its popularity, it also has swf player support.

With Kaltura Analytics section, you can access many information such as video viewing rates, user statistics and content distribution analysis, bandwidth and storage information, system reports, live broadcast statistics. You can also add google analytics tracking code to a player and track kaltura activities.

You can easily integrate Kaltura with other content management systems and learning management systems. Kaltura plugin is developed for wordpress, joomla, drupal, sakai, canvas, moodle and many more systems.

Kaltura provides best playback on all mobile devices with automatic device detection and HTML5 (with Flash backup). Our player’s adaptive bitrate feature automatically detects changing network conditions and automatically provides the best viewing experience. Responsive design automatically adjusts site layout based on screen size and device.

In Kaltura you can easily share a video on social media and web pages.

You can broadcast in HLS, DASH and MPEG formats. By default, videos are published as HLS.

You can manage a kaltura publisher account as a multi-user team.

You can create and publish playlists.

You can easily categorize videos and have them approved by the moderator before posting.

You can quickly access your videos in the archive with the advanced search option.

You can support your videos in different languages ​​by adding subtitles.

You can offer multiple dubbing options by adding different sounds to a video.

Amazon S3, FTP, SFtp support is available. In this way, you will not have any hosting problems for your videos.

With CDN, you can present your videos to a wider audience in high quality.

You can integrate with Wowza or Nginx and broadcast live.

You can set a bandwidth and storage limit in an account you have opened in Kaltura.

Where can I find Kaltura?

Click on the blue text to get a closer look at the Kaltura systems.

Click on the blue text to learn more detailed information about Kaltura systems.




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Bakkt para birimi kazanınlar da herkesin içinde yer alabilir. Bitcoin (BTC) kullanılabilir. Son dakikalarından küçüklerinden olmak için bizi

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