What is Root? What Does Rooting Do?

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What is Root? What Does Rooting Do?

Root is the authority to allow its users to gain privileged control (Root permission) over the system on any device running the Android operating system. Rooting your Android phone gives you privileged control over the Android system.

In short, since you can access everything, including system files, when you root your Android phone, you can interfere with most of your phone’s features unlimitedly. Root permission gives you full access to your system through applications, so you can delete system applications and even add extra features. Root on Android is the equivalent of Administrator in Windows operating system and Jailbreak on iOS devices. Root is actually the most root directory of a Linux device.

What is Root?

- Rooting is done to become a super user in Linux-based Android operating systems.

- Root opens the device’s hardware and software access to applications and code input.

- Rooting will void your device’s warranty and will not affect the Android version, meaning it won’t upgrade or downgrade!

- Even if you perform Unroot, the counter shows 1, indicating that you have rooted the device. There are ways to reset the counter, but we do not recommend doing such complex operations to reset the counter.

- Rooting can be risky if you are not familiar with the subject! Your device may become inoperable when you change or delete any system files.

What are the Benefits of Root Permission?

Rooting an Android device allows you to access system files directly. Root access has many advantages for those who know how to use it, but it can be quite risky for those who do not know how to use it. To exemplify the benefits, since you have full control of your device, you can make any intervention you want in the system.

- You can speed up your phone by making changes to CPU and GPU speeds.

- You can delete the Bloatware applications added by the manufacturer and taking up unnecessary space.

- You can use highly functional applications that work with Root permission developed by the developers.

- You can make any application you want a system application.

- You can customize your phone by changing the font, icons and many areas of your device.

In many places, it is written that you can install a ROM on your device with Root permission, but you cannot install a ROM with Root permission. On devices with low Android versions, some special methods used to allow this, but you can’t on new devices.

What Can Be Done With Root Process?

- You can control the software and hardware access permission requests of the applications you have installed on your device. For example, an application that is accessing the processor can limit the usage percentage of the processor when the phone is idle, allow it to maximize the usage percentage while playing games, or allow the file manager to access the system files.

- If you have enough code knowledge, you can make changes in the Android operating system. To list a few of them; You can create a different screen saver or boot animation than the system allows. You can change your device’s boot melody, application icons, etc.

- If you do not have enough code knowledge, it will be useful to find an application suitable for your purpose and install it and approve the application’s access permissions. For example, if you do not have the authority to remove the applications that you see as unnecessary on your device, you can remove any application on the device or move it to the memory card by using the application after giving Root permission to the Uninstall application.

How Do You Root Your Device?

- Rooting isn’t just for phones. You can root any Android operating system device (tablet, navigation, tv, phone).

- There can be multiple ways to Root your device. We recommend that you do a good research before starting the rooting process. Definitely only use root and unroot files that match your device model!

- The first rooting method we prefer is the CWM root method. With this method, we install the advanced Recovery Mode on the device and install the root application with Recovery Mode.

- Other methods allow you to root your device with Root programs. Below we have listed a few programs that you can root your device with. Please search the CWM root method first. If you did not find the CWM root method, or if your model was successfully rooted with one of the programs below, you can also use that program. The following programs are not usually the ones that cause problems, but sometimes they may not be able to root new models.

Does rooting void the warranty?Some manufacturers may void your device’s warranty when you root your device. Although unrooting (deleting root) ensures that the warranty does not notice this situation in many brands, there may be factors such as Knox counter on Samsung devices. There is no clear answer to this question.Does rooting speed up my phone?No, rooting will not speed up your phone. You can speed up your phone with applications that you can use with root permission.Will my phone get updates after rooting?This question, like all other questions, does not have a definite answer because it varies from brand to brand. Rooting most devices will not break your OTA updates. But when you update, you will most likely lose Root permission on your device and you will have to root from the beginning. You can find much more information about this by adding the ‘OTA with root’ suffix to the end of your phone model and searching in Google. Like “Oneplus 5T OTA with root”.Should I root my device?In fact, the answer to this question is completely determined by your needs. If you haven’t had any work related to Root until now, either you are unaware of the benefits of Root permission, or being a normal user is enough for you. If you do more research on what you can do with root and think that the negative effects of root permission will not affect you much, you can root your phone.



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