Which cryptocurrency will Mesut Özil issue? What is the name of Mesut Ozil coin?

Which cryptocurrency will Mesut Özil issue? What is the name of Mesut Ozil coin?

Fenerbahce’s world-famous star Mesut Özil made a crypto move. It has been learned that popular football player Mesut Özil will issue crypto money on his behalf.

The British claimed that Fenerbahce’s world-famous star Mesut Özil will issue his own crypto money.
The 32-year-old star of the Yellow-Navy Blues, Mesut Özil, is preparing to enter the Cryptocurrency market with a surprise move.

According to the news of The Sun; Özil will launch a cryptocurrency under the brand M10Streetwear, which he founded last year.

While it is not yet known when the star football player will release his crypto money, it has been noted that people who buy crypto money will get a discount on their purchases from the M10 brand and can exchange the money with Bitcoin.

Mesut Özil recently posted on his social media account, “Exciting things are coming soon.” had shared.

While it was noted in the news that Özil was not the first football player to issue crypto money, it was stated that Japanese football player Honda and Real Madrid’s minus star James Rodriguez followed.

Mesut Özil, who took part in many social aid projects before, came to the fore many times in England and Turkey with the aid he provided to those in need.

During his time at Arsenal, Mesut Özil provided food aid to 50 thousand homeless women, victims of violence and students in need in England, especially in London.

Fenerbahce star player Mesut Özil will launch his own cryptocurrency this week, according to foreign media reports.

Mesut Özil is launching his own cryptocurrency and showing off the exciting news with this new Twitter profile picture. World Cup winner Özil launched his clothing line last year. Keep reading tokensboss.com. We provide you with the most accurate information impartially.


It was claimed that the name of the coin that Mesut Özil will issue will be the M10 fan token.

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